At Nationals last year we were able to present CA Sharp with a check for what DASF raised with our April Raffle. 

Thank you again Suzette Pendo for all of your hard work. 

This years raffle 100% of the proceeds

will be split 50/50 between ARPH and ASHGI.

Raffle for rescue and research

Delta ASF Members work very hard each year to put on the best Raffle for Rescue & Research. We are extremely lucky to have the help of Chelsea & Suzette Pendo. What an amazing job they continue to do each year.

For more information or to donate to our raffle, please contact:

Suzette Pendo                                           Susan Harris 

email:                email:

916-863-1463 916-494-2833                209-204-7914


Lisa Schmeidl
Susan Harris
Rick Anderson
Haulin Aussies
Ellen Covella
Bruce and Linda Grant
Michael English .    Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company
Carol McLaughlin
Margaret Guthrie
Hill House Naturals
Deb Hodges
Chris Christensen

The Henhouse
Chris Wheatley
Chik Fil A
Debbie Chamberlain - 31 totes

Laura Rothstein


Please help us thank these past and present raffle donators by visiting their websites to do your gift buying and shopping.