Assuming that the local/state COVID-19 restrictions allow our shows and trials to be held, we will probably see both the Obedience and Rally trials taking longer than they normally would have.  The ASCA Board of Directors has asked the Rally and Obedience Committees to submit recommendations for trial procedures that would allow a relatively safe event.  You can be assured that we’ll do everything possible to make the trials run smoothly—but if the length of the trials is a primary concern of yours you might reconsider participating this year.   If Covid is a deciding factor we encourage you to reconsider participating this year.

Participants be will required to sign a waiver stating that they understand the risks involved. 

Stanislaus Fairgrounds

900 N. Broadway, Turlock CA

Delta ASF
Trot Off The Turkey



Located in the heart of California

Delta Australian Shepherd Fanciers

To Protect and Advance the Australian Shepherd Breed

June 19 & 20, 2021

General Practices
1. Clubs, officials and participants are required to follow state, local and facility guidelines that apply to the area and site where the event is held.
2. Be respectful.  Not all of our participants have the same level of comfort being out and about at this time.  Practice social distancing consistent with guidelines in effect at the time of the event. Avoid congregating to the extent possible.
3. Should you choose to disrupt the show in any way you will be asked to leave.  Again please be respectful of others.
4. You will be asked to sign a waiver.  Once it is signed you will receive a wristband.  You must have the wristband on to be on the grounds.
5. If the judge asks that you wear a mask you will need to wear a mask no exceptions.  If the judge doesn’t care if you wear a mask and you choose to we support your decision.  On the grounds, consider wearing masks when in close proximity to others. Delta will  provide masks if desired for judges and volunteers. If you are not a judge or volunteer please bring your own.
6. Rings will have two gates.   Entrance & Exit and they will be marked.  There will be hand sanitizer at the entrance gate.  Please use it prior to entering the ring.
7. Wash hands as frequently as possible. We will have disinfecting spray at bathroom facilities for people to spray door handles (or anything else they touch).
8. Avoid shaking hands, hugging, or other physical contact. Avoid touching dogs that are not your responsibility.
9. Avoid common use pens/pencils etc. – Please bring your own.
10. Delta will disinfect surfaces in common use areas as often as possible (tables, chairs, doorknobs, etc.)
11. Hospitality, Delta will not be providing hospitality.  We will have ice chests with bottled water available.  Please be prepared to provide your own meals.
12. Parking – Park with sufficient distance between vehicles if possible. 
13.There will be a “safe zone” roped off for the ring stewards so they are not required to wear a mask all day.  Please be respectful.
14. Prepare to be self-sufficient: bring sanitizer, bring a generator for electricity, bring personal use masks, bring shade.
15. Know the armband numbers and class entered for your entries before going to the ring.
16. Do not congregate at the ring or ring gate.
17. While showing your dog, maintain social distances with other exhibitors. We will set spacers along the ring rope 6 feet apart.
18. Be prepared to show your dog’s bite.

 Please read Covid guidelines and grounds rules carefully!

2 Days of Agility
5 Conformation Shows

2 Obedience and 2 Rally Trials

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