This years raffle 100% of the proceeds

will be split 50/50 between ARPH and ASHGI.

At Nationals last year we were able to present CA Sharp with a check for what DASF raised with our April Raffle. 

Thank you again Suzette Pendo for all of your hard work. 

Raffle for rescue and research

Delta ASF Members work very hard each year to put on the best Raffle for Rescue & Research. We are extremely lucky to have the help of Chelsea & Suzette Pendo. What an amazing job they continue to do each year.

For more information or to donate to our raffle, please contact:

Suzette Pendo                                           Susan Harris 

email:                email:

916-863-1463 916-494-2833                209-204-7914


Lisa Schmeidl
Susan Harris
Rick Anderson
Haulin Aussies
Ellen Covella
Bruce and Linda Grant
Michael English .    Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company
Carol McLaughlin
Margaret Guthrie
Hill House Naturals
Deb Hodges
Chris Christensen

The Henhouse
Chris Wheatley
Chik Fil A
Debbie Chamberlain - 31 totes

Laura Rothstein


Please help us thank these past and present raffle donators by visiting their websites to do your gift buying and shopping.